Coutures history

As manager and landlord , Carl Petrson is proud to lend the name Coutures to the tenant. The name Coutues has been associated with this building and  with the Peterson family since 1904, and it has now found its way back to the same place where it originated.

Carl Peterson's father, a Kansas farm boy  with an 8th grade education, found a job in Colorado Springs at Couture's French Dry Cleaners and  Dyers, on 218 N. Tejon.  A year later, he moved to Colorado Springs, and eventually owned Couture's. In 1956, Carl, after his University years and Navy commitment were  behind  him, assumed leadership of the business. He expanded Couture's to nine Dry Cleaning Plants, including the main Location at 218 N. Tejon, and delivery routes which included the surrounding communities of Broadmoor, Woodland Park and Monument, as well as military establishments.

Originally Carl leased one fourth of the space to Paris Crepe.  Paris Crepe grew, was doing quite well, and he wished to lease the entire building for what he believed would be a fine restaurant. Carl himself has remodeled and upgraded the building, which he did around the theme of Arles, France in the 1890's and the artistry of Vincent Van Gogh.

Enjoy the fine food and the artistry of van Gogh with



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